A paradise for nature lovers

A paradise for nature lovers

The landscape of the Włoszczowa region is absolutely beautiful. There is a large spread of forest so the place has a high ecological value. There are oak-hornbeam forests, mixed woodland and in the river valleys – riparian and alder forests.

Thick willow bushes grow along the meandering rivers. In places it changes into watery meadows, marshes and peatbogs. The area is settled by thousands of birds so it is a real paradise for ornithologists and nature lovers who like birdwatching.

One of the most interesting places close to the town of Włoszczowa is the village of Czarnca where hetman Stefan Czarniecki was born and buried.

The village of Ludynia is also an unusual locality with its wonderful landscape, inimitable charm of close ponds. In the old lime tree park a beautiful manor house is located. This unique building became a favourite object for filmmakers. It was employed as a film set in such Polish films as “Przedwiośnie” and “Syzyfowe prace”.

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