A prehistoric world of dinosaurs

A prehistoric world of dinosaurs

The prehistoric world is available for tourists in the Bałtów Jurassic Park. According to the legends told by the local residents, the devil impressed his footprint on a rock in the river valley. It led scientists to discover the tracks of three species of dinosaurs.

Nowadays tourists can admire the reconstructed forms of primeval animals in their natural sizes. In Bałtów, a world of extinct creatures coexists with the present fauna. Many species of animals from far away continents live in the Bałtów preserve called Zwierzyniec. There are mouflons, llamas, camels, boar, exotic sheep and goats, antelopes, ostriches etc. Young and elderly guests, who yearn for thrills, can visit the Witch Village, the Land of Horses, the amusement park, and – in winter – the Santa Claus Village. Skiers can enjoy the Bałtów ski slope called the “Bałtów Switzerland” during the season.

The journey through the Świętokrzyskie region continues following the valley of the Kamienna river. We reach the Neolithic flint mines in Krzemionki. It is a unique place, in which striped flint was exploited and processed 5 thousand years B. C. The blades of axes and chisels were made of flint at that time. These days, there is a preserve there, including mine corridors, shafts, mine tips, and a Neolithic settlement that is a reconstruction of that of the Stone Age and the early Bronze Age.

Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski is related to the living history of the development of the Central Industrial District in southern Poland during the interwar period in 20th century. The Ostrowiec steel mill and the Ostrowiec plants dynamically operated at that time. It has been given a new lease of life with the revitalization of the town by the restoration to its former splendour by the use of post-industrial buldings. They can be used as cultural centres, metallurgy tradition centres or a meeting place for inhabitants.

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