“Little Rome” in Świętokrzyskie

“Little Rome” in Świętokrzyskie

The town of Sandomierz is called the gem of the Świętokrzyskie region. It is one of the oldest and most historically meaningful towns in Poland, mentioned in Gall Anonim’s chronicle. Its nickname is Little Rome because of its location on seven hills.

Sandomierz was regarded as one of three the most important gords in the country. The town survived the Tatar and Lithuanian invasions, then the Swedish Deluge.

We can visit numerous monuments here. The castle, built under the reign of King Kazimierz Wielki, stands in the vicinity of the Vistula River. Nowadays, the castle is the residence of the regional museum. The way passes from the castle through the historic buildings of the Old Town, surrounded by a city wall, with the beautiful Town Hall, Collegium Gostomianum, the old high school erected by the Jesuit order, the Długosz House, the cathedral, the historic churches and the Opatów Gate, from which a wonderful view of the town and its surrounding can be admired.

The unusual treasures of Sandomierz are also hidden underground where a tourist trail has been specially adapted for sightseeing. In the past, wine and goods were held by merchants and winery owners here. Moreover, the cellars and underground corridors were used as a shelter for the citizens during the Tatar invasions.

Sandomierz region invites not only the enthusiasts of history and monuments; it is a real heaven for wine lovers, because the tradition of wine-making has been revived here. It is also worth taking part in the Vistula river cruise to see the skyline of the town and its surrounding area. In this way we can admire a local peculiarity of nature. The Pieprzowe Mountains is a phenomenon unique in Europe, consisting of 500-million-year old Cambrian rocks. There are numerous species of steppe flora found here. The natural rosarium also occurs here – the only of its kind in Europe.

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