Dinozaur w Bałtowskim Kompleksie Turystycznym

The Bałtów Jurassic Park

Here, in Świętokrzyskie, you will be transported in time. Ceratosauruses, diplodocuses, kentrosauruses – these are only some of over 40 life-size dinosaur models, which “inhabit” a 3-hectare surface of the park. Since its creation, more attractions have been opened every year in the Bałtów Jurassic Park: the Zoo of Bałtów, the Amusement Park, 5D Emotions Cinema, Roller coaster, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Horse Riding Center “Land of Horses”, the Witches’ Village “Sabbath place” or Poland in Miniature.

It is one of the most often visited places in the surrounding of Kielce. The rankings show that most of the tourists who visit the land of Świętokrzyskie Mountains also plan a trip to the Bałtów Jurassic Park. The prehistoric reptiles amaze not only the youngest, but adults as well. Additionally, in the local Jurassic Museum one can see some fossils from that period. The program includes also cruises down the Kamienna River, which winds along the park’s territory. For the youngest tourists a playground has been prepared, where among other attractions, the children can excavate a skeleton of an almost twenty metres high tyrannosaurus, they can also participate in geological and artistic workshops. A stay in Bałtów may become even more attractive thanks to a mini safari, “Reptile Valley” – a centre of exotic fauna and flora, accessibility of a Horse-riding Centre “In the Land of Horses”, while in the winter there are available ski lifts.

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