Grupa młodzieży ogląda eksponat w Centrum Nauki Leonardo Da Vinci

The Human Body in the Spotlight

It is designed for active and inspiring recreation! Leonardo da Vinci Science Center in Podzamcze near Chęciny is s the only place in Poland where all the exhibitions and educational activities are focused on the human body and its environment. It is the perfect place for families with children, school groups, active seniors … for all!

The main idea of the Center is to arouse interest in science among the visitors, through educational activities, associated with great fun.

Science Center arouses curiosity and encourages independent thinking. Innovative methods of popularization of science leads to an active contact with scientific phenomena, and allow the participant to play the role of the investigator. We are inspired to observe, experience, ask questions and seek answers.

There are two multimedia exhibitions. The first one, entitled “Man – an Extraordinary Machine”, shows human life functions. The second one – “Man – a Small Cog in the Machine of Nature” is related to ecological and natural issues. Furthermore, scientific workshops for children and youth are conducted by qualified educators. Research demonstrations are also organised in Science Center.The external exhibition includes green areas surrounding the building of the Center, shaped in the form of the phenomenal garden with many scientific exhibits.

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