The Power of Knowledge in the Energy Science Centre

Do you know how fuel for your car is produced? Where does oil come from? How much energy does it take to light up a light bulb? You will find answers to these and other questions in The Energy Science Centre in Kielce. Here you can start a great science journey!

The exhibition tells a story about energy and consists of 28 interactive stations designed for individual experimentation. Here you will find a powerful, weighing more than 750 kg wheel-and-axle. This device resembles a mining combine, but is set in motion by human strength. You can defeat gravity and pump water from the lower to the upper reservoir of the water power station, or build a dam with colourful blocks. Play with science! Three zones of the exhibition: “Fire and Earth”, “Air and Water” and “Man” form a coherent story, which will take you on a real adventure.

A visit to the lab is a fixed point of the tour around the ESC. The encapsulated “Power Generator” unit is a combination of a chemical, physical and biological laboratory, in which you can conduct many experiments under the supervision of specialists. In the ESC cinema exceptional films are presented on the big screen in 3D.
Visitors to the Experimental Energy Garden will find there a trampoline, and carousel driven in a completely unique way, a balance beam, more than thirty-meter long zip line, letters for climbing and a colourful optical zone and several other interactive activities.

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