Family attractions

Dinozaur w Bałtowskim Kompleksie Turystycznym

The Bałtów Jurassic Park

Here, in Świętokrzyskie, you will be transported in time. Ceratosauruses, diplodocuses, kentrosauruses – these are only some of over 40 life-size dinosaur models, which “inhabit” a 3-hectare surface of the park. Since its creation, more attractions have been opened every year in the Bałtów Jurassic Park: the Zoo of Bałtów, the Amusement Park, 5D Emotions Cinema, Roller coaster, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Horse Riding Center “Land of Horses”, the Witches’ Village “Sabbath place” or Poland in Miniature.

The European Fairy Tale Centre in Pacanów

Pacanów is a real town associated with Koziołek Matołek (the Silly Goat), a famous hero of children’s literature, created by Kornel Makuszyński and Marian Walentynowicz in 1933. Koziołek Matołek was a goat and he wanted to reach Pacanów in the belief that goats are shoed there. Before his arrival to Pacanów he lost the way and visited India, China, Africa, Afghanistan and… the Moon. The European Fairy Tale Centre in Pacanów is the most amazing place for children, providing a lot of fun linked with learning.